Birding on the South Coast

This post was most recently updated on May 10th, 2018

Birding on the South Coast is a rare treat.   Habitats range from coastal and wetland to grassland, woodland and forest, and the bird-list goes on and on….

The region contains two distinct avifaunas (afromontane and tropical forest) which overlap and for this reason forest birding in this area is extremely prolific.  Species found in this region will not only appeal to the more experienced birder but also the novice or eco-tourist.

Local sightings include the African broadbill, Gurney’s sugarbird, Knysna woodpecker, Cape parrot, blue swallow, Cape Vulture and the rare Magpie mannekin, giving birders plenty to chirp about.

One iconic bird which is often seen striking a pose on telephone wires, is the Long-crested Eagle.  This stunning creature is dark brown or black and has a noticeably long crest atop it’s head – hence the the name.   It has long white patches at the joint of the wings, visible when perched, forming white lines on each side of the breast.

Visitors to our coast often remark on our varied and prolific bird life.  The South Coast is truly a birder’s haven and there are many  establishments which pride themselves on being ‘birding sanctuaries’.

The BirdLife Trogons bird Club which is affiliated to BirdLife South Africa, is very active in the area.

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