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The KZN South Coast also has much to offer for nature lovers – natural beauty, nature reserves, whale watching and the ever popular bird watching…

Bird Watching

South Coast of KZN Bird Watching Hot Spot South Africa

The South Coast Birding Route comprises of a variety of habitats from coastal and wetland environments to forest, woodland and grassland. Above all it is the forest birding to be had here that is unparalleled.  

Birdlife South Africa

Southern Africa has two distinct forest avifaunas, namely the Afromontane forests and the rich tropical forest community that extends down the coast. It is only in the region of the South Coast Birding Route that these two diverse forest assemblages overlap and for this reason birding in this area is extremely profitable.

Specials including the northern most population of Knysna Woodpecker and other highly sought after species such as Magpie Mannikin and African Broadbill.

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