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Quality Assured Accommodation on the South Coast of KZN - Best Fishing in South Africa

This coastline is a fisherman’s paradise!  The fishermen rise early and are able to enjoy the spectacular sunrises either from a boat or from the shore – it is a favourite pastime for locals and visitors alike.   When fishing off-shore anglers have the chance of reeling in Yellow Fin, Garrick, Giant King Fish and Cape Salmon.  Likewise, if out on a boat further out to sea, you will soon be catching Tuna, Stumpies and Rock Cod to name but a few.   The South Coast waters offer some of the richest fishing grounds with an abundance of game fish. Many prize winning fish are caught in these waters.

To preserve these precious resources, remember that it is necessary to have the relevant fishing permit.

Also, be sure to know the SA Recreational Fishing Regulations – please take note of the useful information below from the Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries:


This article will help guide you to ensure you comply with the SA recreational fishing regulations

 South Africa’s Fishing Regulations and Fishing permits required, including permitted bag and size limits, permitted bait collection, boat fishing, rod and reel fishing, spearfishing, cast nets, closed season for fishing, permitted species in KZN South Africa, minimum fish sizes, prohibited species in KwaZulu-Natal South Coast

Be it bait collection, rod & reel fishing, boat fishing, spearfishing, or cast-netting, each fishing activity requires the correct permit which is available at any local Post Office.

Note that boat skipper, spearfishing and cast net permits must be specially endorsed for their particular activity.

Permit information:

  • The standard permit is fine for rod & reel fishing.
  • Permits are issued in the holder’s name and are not transferable.
  • Permits must be available for inspection at the time the activity is taking place.
  • No permit is valid for species during their closed seasons, or for the listed prohibited species.
  • No recreational permit holder is allowed to sell any part of their catch.


  • Shad/Elf: 1st October – 30th November
  • Red Steenbras: 1st October – 30th November
  • Galjoen: 15th October – Last day of February


Spearfishing is not allowed in harbours, estuaries, or tidal rivers and lagoons.

All bag and size limits and closed seasons that apply to recreational anglers also apply for spearfishing.


Circular nets must not exceed 6 metres in diameter and may only be weighted at the circumference.

You may not cast your net between sunset and sunrise.

Cast net permit holders may only catch and be in possession of the stipulated cast net species.


  • Shad/Elf: 1st October – 30th November
  • Red Steenbras: 1st October – 30th November
  • Galjoen: 15th October – Last day of February


A gaff or landing net are the only additional equipment permitted for landing fish caught on rod and line.

While they may be gutted, all landed fish must retain their heads and tails for size confirmation in the event of inspection.


Other than a facemask and snorkel, no person shall use any artificial breathing apparatus for fishing.

No person shall engage in fishing, collection or disturbance of any fish by means of a gaff, spear, club, flail, stick, stone or similar instruments, although with the right permit one may spear up to five sole per day.

Except when fishing for octopus, cuttlefish or squid, no person shall engage in fishing by the jerking of a hook or jig in the sea.

No person shall disturb, catch or kill dolphins or whales and must not approach closer than 300 metres from whales.

Unless in possession of the correct permit, no person shall engage in the collection or removal of any aquatic plants, shells or shell grit from the sea or seashore.


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